About us

1.  I do participate with some insurance companies, although it is your responsibility to find out what benefits you have. Just call your health insurance carrier, give them my name and address, and ask them to explain your benefits for outpatient mental health treatment. Make sure you ask them if you must meet a deductible first, and whether I will need to fill out a treatment plan for you.

2. All matters discussed in psychotherapy remain confidential.  I may break confidentiality only if you are a danger to yourself or someone else, and then I am required to act in order to protect you or anyone else who might be harmed by you. In addition, if you are going to use insurance, I am required to answer certain questions they may ask,  including diagnosis, your risk to self or others, and whether you are currently abusing drugs or alcohol.

3. I do offer a sliding scale. I don't believe anyone should be denied therapy just because of the cost. I will work with you to find a fee to make therapy affordable. If you need to come less frequently than weekly in order to save money, I may give you "homework" so that you can continue to think about issues in between sessions.

4.  I do have a missed visit policy. I will not charge you for a missed appointment if you are sick or run into an emergency. Otherwise I will charge for the visit if I don't receive 24 hours notice, as someone else might have wanted your time.

5.  Once I have gotten to know you, I would be able to conduct some therapy sessions using skype. While face to face, in office appointments are best, if you can't get into the office but still want to talk, using skype may become an option, assuming you accept any limits to confidentiality such a method might create.